Quality and Standars
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There are several quality standards in pharmaceuticals production industry. Hilma Biocare operates under GMP standards. This means, that all products are manufactured in strict accordance with the required chemical composition in sterile conditions, avoiding insertion of third-party components, and appropriately packaged to guarantee the preservation of all properties throughout the shelf life. This standard introduces the “clean room” concept- the room in which is controlled the concentration of airborne particles to minimize the entry and retention of particles inside the room, and allows you to monitor other parameters – temperature, humidity and pressure. GMP standard takes into account all details, such as materials, equipment and clothing, used on production site of pharmaceuticals manufacturing.

We are young and vigorous professionals who are convinced, that medicine must be available for all people, regardless of their income level and location. In Hilma Biocare we use the latest technologies and improve our research and development activities, which are mainly aimed to quality, reliability and safety of production.
Doctors, chemists, technologists, programmers, engineers – we are all highly qualified and are doing our best in order to contribute the development of pharmaceutical science and healthcare. We are building collaboration with other research groups, companies and research institutions to develop innovative pharmaceutical technologies.